Rental Solutions

Renting solutions for your HVAC, peripheral and customised equipment, and power needs make a lot of sense if heavy initial capital investment is not feasible or if the requirement is temporary. This is specially true if the rental solution comes from GAMI because our factory will support to fabricate rental units to meet customer requirements with minimum lead-time.

200TR Chilled Water Fresh Air Handling Unit

  • Equipment is plug and play carrying easy installation with built in VFD ,Controller diverting valves
  • External power circuit

Portable DX Packaged Unit for Tents

  • Operating at a wide range of ambient
  • Built in Thermostat
  • External power circuit and Alarm light
  • Operating 50Hz/60Hz

Rooftop Packaged Unit

  • Protective steel cage
  • Marine painted
  • Flexible duct connection
  • Operating 50Hz/60Hz power supply
  • External power Circuit

Air Cooled Screw Chiller

  • Compact design for economical transportation
  • Stand alone system ready with CPM control
  • Remote monitoring and remote chiller Alarms rectifications
  • Water FLOW rate measurement and LOW water flow alarm
  • No neutral wire operation
  • Compatible for 50Hz/60Hz power supply