Testing Laboratories

GAMI is proud of its fully customized, automated, and integrated laboratory facilities for DX and Applied products Testing is certified and validated by TÜV-NORD. Our testing facilities have the collaboration with international testing labs, Intertek China, and BV (Bureau Veritas) China under certification program.

GAMI’s laboratory is constantly delivering superior quality products in compliance with regulatory and reliability requirements.

  • Testing of products to fulfil our current certifications
  • Constant development of new products
  • New designs and product innovation
  • Testing of new and sourced components to enhance product reliability
  • Product and processes innovations

Our performance testing compliance with the following applicable standards:

  • AHRI 340/360
  • ISO 135253
  • AHRI 210/240
  • ISO 5151
  • ASHRAE 37
  • ASHRAE 30

Quality Control

GAMI is proud to have an effective process quality control system, well trained and experienced team of inspectors, and highly reputable testing instrumentations. All these capabilities ensure that our product quality meets the standard specifications and customers’ requirements. Through our quality control processes, the product is quality maintained, and any manufacturing defect is examined and refined.

GAMI quality control processes are divided into three separate sections:

Incoming Quality Control, focus on incoming material inspection and ensuring its conformity for our requirements

in-Process Quality Control focus on the manufacturing process through all stages

Outgoing Quality Control, focus on finished goods inspection

Environment + Health & Safety

QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) is one of the main pillars of GAMI’s business management strategy. Through our company’s commitment to QHSE, we assure all our stakeholders that we will work collaboratively for a sustainable market driven by innovative solutions to surpass industry challenges.

GAMI’s QHSE Management system is accredited with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and OSHAD- AD. Our QHSE Management system comprises the key system elements.

  • Policy (absolute commitment)
  • Quality Standard Procedures​
  • Standard Operating Procedures​
  • Work Instructions
  • Safe work practices​

Safety is an absolute paramount. It is the unconditional and non-negotiable part of GAMI’s DNA. Every life is precious, the safety of our employees, customers, and society is our prime concern.

We know that to be truly successful, we must take personal responsibility for the safety of ourselves and those around us, both at work and at home. Because of the nature of our work, our employees and the environment are surrounded in layers of defense. We wear proper protection, perform safety assessments and continually improve protocol and procedures

Safety is instilled into our employees as soon as they join. To instill our safety culture, before new employees even start on any assignment, they are taken through a safety orientation and training program

We are continuously committed to protecting the environment by minimizing pollution, optimizing energy consumption, and waste management. In addition, GAMI has created Rooftop Packaged Units powered by solar energy to further reduce our carbon footprint.

GAMI acknowledges that efforts on quality management is a continual process and we are firmly committed to deploying effective systems across all our processes and functions at very early stage of a project and product.

Our QHSE Management System effectiveness is consciously enhanced by risk base approaches.