Our state of the art manufacturing facility offers extreme customization flexibility for oil & gas clientele, as well as other high-demand.

Oil & Gas


GAMI’s core team has a combination of experience and knowledge within the oil and gas industry. In addition to our team’s knowledge, GAMI’s factory is backed with a state-of-the-art facility which offers extreme flexibility in terms of customization. GAMI meets the stringent requirements of hazardous, explosion-proof, and high corrosion-resistant heating, ventilation and air conditioning products while managing our client’s requirements and customizations. Our customization capabilities include, but are not limited to, explosion proof units suitable for Zone 1 or 2, special IP66 customized electrical panel, SS316L casing, marine painting, special coil coating, ATEX certification by third party, detailed documentation for projects and customized unit designs to meet the space and constraints at site.

Condensing Units

3.4 TR to 118 TR with Scroll Compressor
50 TR Rooftop Packaged Units
  • IP66 Electrical Panel
  • Copper fins
105 TR to 275 TR with Screw Compressor
Explosion Proof

Condensing Units ATEX certified

  • Compressor
  • Condenser fan
  • Control panel
Smart DCS system

Industrial / Process Refrigeration Skid (PRS)

Client – BECHTEL
End User – Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA)

  • Supplied, installed, and commissioned three skids, which consist of : @ Chillers @ Pumps @ Buffer tanks @ Expansion tanks @ valves @ Intermediate heat exchangers Skids
  • Are connected and compatible with DCS ECA control systems
  • Built in chiller plant manager
  • Marine painted
  • Provided with working and standby chiller for emergencies
  • Customized IP66, SS316 control panel
  • Chiller skid is divided into two sections during delivery, allowing assembly on site to be efficient Available in 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Ranges from 45 TR to 500 TR


We develop and manufacture products that are environment-friendly to secure its long-term sustainability


Technology Features

  • Saves up to 50%-75% in electricity bills with an air conditioner powered by Solar energy
  • Energy management ON GRID, OFF GRID, and/or HYBRID
  • Excellent ROI (Return of Investment)
  • Permits owner to sell energy to GRID
  • Advanced controller to maximize energy saving
  • Solar air conditioners are powered by sustainable Solar energy to further reduce carbon footprint
  • Highly efficient Mono-PV arrays
Load Condition Solar Energy Grid Power Saving Energy To Grid
25% load 50% 50% 50% N/A
50% load 50% 25% 75% N/A
75% load 50% 0 100% N/A
100% load 50% 0 100% 2

Inverter Type Rooftop Packaged Units

“GPU-I Series” Technology Features

  • Ranges from 4.3 TR to 32.3 TR
  • Includes BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) scroll compressor with an inverter which can modulate from a minimum of 1200 RPM to a maximum of 7200 RPM. Therefore, the capacity can modulate from 30% to 100% per load condition
  • Electronic expansion valve (EXV) which modulates from 30% to 100%
  • Offers energy saving options (i.e. evaporator fan modulation and condenser fan modulation as per ambient)
  • Multi-functional thermostat and advanced PID to control the whole unit by CAREL
  • Modbus protocol ready for BMS
  • IEER ranges between 19 to 21


  • Inverter technology saves up to 30% - 50% energy as per load condition
  • Precise control over the building temperature and humidity
  • Precise control on superheat with electronic expansion valve
  • Monitors all the refrigeration circuit parameters :
    Includes alarms in display
  • BMS system connectivity