GAMI Service division provides installation, maintenance and 24-hour repair for HVAC systems. Our Service Maintenance Program will provide you savings on operating costs, a reduction in preventable breakdowns, improved air quality, an increase in the life expectancy of your equipment and the customer “peace of mind” of knowing that mechanical systems are running safely and efficiently backed up by local manufacturer. Our client could benefit from savings on operating costs by making sure their air conditioning system is cleaned and serviced on a regular basis and reduction of preventable breakdowns by avoiding clogged drain lines, dirty coils, plugged orifices, burners, loose electrical connections and improper calibrations.

We are where our customers are.


GAMI will provide a complete program of Preventive Maintenance to maintain the units. Our factory trained technicians have vast experience with various types of air conditioning equipment of all major brands and can perform detailed preventive maintenance tasks in accordance with the guidelines issued by the respective manufacturer of the equipment. Our team of technicians are backed up by GAMI Engineering dept to resolve any technical issues arising at site. The response time to any complaint or breakdown will be 2 to 3 hours (24 x 7). Usually, service will be carried out during normal working hours and days. At GAMI, we offer highest degree of customer satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers.


  • ONE Major Service.
  • THREE Minor Services.
  • Compressor Oil Analysis
  • Condenser coil replacement
  • Emergency call Service, 24/7.
  • Two additional visits for condenser cleaning in between the minor visits.
  • Repair works
  • Compressor replacement / Compressor overhaul
  • Water Analysis (Chilled Water Cycle)


GAMI supports its spare parts services with an efficient setup to ensure smooth, rapid response and delivery to customers. GAMI is committed to providing round the clock supports and services not only to meet but also to meet our unmet needs of our customers. Having customer’s needs as our top priority, we continuously work on improving our service by having minimum lead time, electronic parts cataloguing, best prices and on-time delivery.

All components and consumables can be sold separately such as:

  • Compressors
  • Blower fans and Condenser fans
  • Motors, Belts, Bearings and Pulleys
  • Expansion Valves and Relief Valves
  • Contactors, Timer, Pressure switches and Relays
  • Filters
  • Consumables—Refrigerant, Nitrogen, Drier core, etc
  • Flow switches, Sensors, Valves, etc


Renting solutions for your HVAC, peripheral and customized equipment, and power needs makes a lot of sense if heavy initial capital investment is not feasible or if the requirement is temporary. This is specially true if the rental solution comes from GAMI because our factory will support to fabricate rental units to meet customer requirement with minimum lead-time. Rental solutions from GAMI are customer focused and offer several advantages.


  • Packaged Chiller plants
  • Roof top units
  • Process cooling
  • Air cooled chillers
  • Chiller peripheral equipment
  • Generators , distribution panels and power cables


  • Quick response
  • Single source accountability
  • No requirement is too big
  • Custom modifications