GAMI rooftop package units are designed and built specifically to serve the needs of the middle-east and other markets after considering the local regulations, harsh climatic conditions and country-specific demands. We offer a wide range with 13 models starting from 3 ton to 32 tons nominal capacity in R22 and R407c refrigerant. Below are the silent features of our package units:

  • Hermetic scroll COPELAND compressors which offer durability and smooth operation.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve provided for all models as expansion device. Condenser fans of external rotor motor type supported on rubber mounts to eliminate vibration.
  • Evaporator fan and motor also mounted on rubber mounts.
  • All models controlled by PLC and are equipped with compressor / motor protection devices (3-phase protection, high and low pressure switch and overload relays)
  • Condenser and evaporator coils designed for EER greater than 9.5 at AHRI conditions. Units can operate continuously up to 52 C ambient temperature. Easily accessible components for service and maintenance Belt driven evaporator fan for all models due to which ESP of unit can reach up to 400 pa.


  • Same characteristics as standard units but with higher EER
    Meets standards of SASO, ESTIDAMA ,ESMA , etc.