GAMI Small Size Air Handling Units “GAH Series” offers our clients the flexibility and benefits of an conventional air handling unit but with compact single-section design with no requirement of any assembly at the site. The range is starting from 1350 cfm to 5300 cfm and is available for both standard and district cooling applications. All the frames of our mono block air handling units (AHU) are made of extruded heavy aluminum profiles, anodized for extra anti-corrosion protection and are equipped with thermal barrier. A full peripheral PVC thermal break is incorporated to ensure no thermal bridge occurs from any internal to external surface.

Our Small Size AHUs are offered in double skin construction with a rigid insulation layer consisting of a factory-applied polyurethane layer injected between the panels, having a density of 38-40 kg/m3 and noise-reduction properties. This adds extra mechanical strength and rigidity to the panels. It also meets the NFPA90A flame spread and smoke generation requirements.

Compact single section design ,Standard and District Cooling applications,Pentapost profile made of Aluminum,25mm thick PU foam insulation,Double skin construction,

Low height design suitable for Ceiling mounting,Bag filter (Optional),Available in 50Hz and 60Hz


Air Handling Units “GAH-H Series”

  •   Certified Hygienic by TÜV SÜD – Germany  Meets VDI 6022-1, ISO 864, DIN 1946-4, VDI
    3803-1, DIN EN 13053, DIN EN 1886, HTM 03-01 ,• Stainless Steel Inner/Outer panels , All metal parts coming in contact with air flow is either SS or powder coated  GI
    • All gaskets, plastic parts, rubber parts and sealants coming contact with air are antibacterial,anti-fungal and VDI approved, Easy Removing components (Cooling Coil and Eliminator) for cleaning purpose , Push fit design (VDI approved door gaskets),
    Motor is provided with SS conduits and blower,is powder coated with drain display for easy cleaning,• Stainless steel door handle Internal and External
    • Available in 50Hz and 60Hz

Small Size Air Handling Units “GAH Series”

  • Range from 1,350 cfm to 5,300 cfm
    • Compact single section design
    • Standard and District Cooling applications
    • Pentapost profile made of Aluminum
    • 25mm thick PU foam insulation
    • Double skin construction
    • Low height design suitable for Ceiling mounting
    • Bag filter (Optional)
    • Available in 50Hz and 60Hz