Owing to the market demand, our product development and engineering team has conducted extensive research in order to design and develop a complete series of R134a chillers meeting superior specifications which are mandatory for our region. This  range of air cooled screw chiller is available up to 500 tons in 50Hz and 60Hz power supply and is suitable for high ambient operation up to 52 deg C.

These chillers are equipped with high efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressors from HANBELL which offer excellent part load performance and long lasting robust operation. Each of these chillers will have two independent refrigerant circuits in order to offer redundancy during scheduled maintenance.

The cooler offered in this chiller is direct-expansion (DX) type with shell and tube configuration which is convenient for site personnel to perform cleaning procedure. One of the key advantages is that the chiller has compact design and utilizes small footprint for installation at site. Adding to the convenience of our customers, this chiller will be shipped in two sections for safe and easy lifting. The structure of the chiller incorporates minimum vibration and low noise design.

This R134a series chillers are AHRI certified.

*Super Quit EBM PAPST condenser fan , shell and tube evaporator, reliable COMER compressor, condenser inner grove copper pipes, high COP, MCS microprocessor controller, robust weatherproof NEMA-4 Touchscreen display, up to 60 chillers can be monitored by single touchscreen with RS485 or Ethernet.