GAMI modular Air handling units are EUROVENT certified and available in the wide range starting from 1600 cfm up to 45000 cfm as standard sizes. GAMI can also offer customized modular Air Handling unit with airflow up to 75000 cfm upon request.

All sections are equipped with a G90 sheet metal base (150 mm height) as a standard feature. A rain canopy can also be installed as an optional feature. Each unit is selected by Eurovent™ checked and approved software. AHU sections (Pentapost design) are formed by connecting profiles with special plastic corner pieces.

This type of construction offers advantages such as

  • Superior mechanical strength
  • Construction flexibility
  • Ease of quick and precise
  • installation of interior components Ability to completely dismantle unit and reassemble it on site
    with minimum time and cost
  • UL Certification
  • Aluminium Pentapost profile with thermal break
  • Fans AMCA certified
  • Heat Recovery (Heat wheel, Heat pipe, Plate Heat exchanger) and Available in 50Hz and 60Hz