ehs-pplGAMI has always demonstrated a safe workplace commitment to environment, health and safety through consistent and effective implementation of the EHS policy.

GAMI has and will always be demonstrating a commitment to safe work place.

Safety is one of the core values, which will contribute to GAMI’s sustaining business long terms.

It is not only a business requirement, but also the “right thing to do.” Our ultimate vision for safety at the work place is “to have all of our beloved employees return home safely.”

GAMI Polices and process catered to drive organizational improvement in health, safety and wellness.

We train and practice safety at all the time.

At GAMI we target to eliminate the chances of safety-related accident at the workplace. Adopting rigorous safety awareness program and holding everyone accountable for its success successfully achieve this. We ensure that our workplace complies with all safety requirements including PPE (Protective Personal Equipment)

One of the key success factor and activities at GAMI is to improve safety awareness through training and establishing safety records at factory all of our sites and businesses. We assess our safety baseline, and consequently, improve it. We set the standards for acceptable level of safety metrics and recognize best performing department accordingly.

GAMI continuously plans, provides and monitors EHS training given to all its personnel.

Each employee and sub-contractor is made aware of their roles and responsibilities, all of which conform to the EHS policy established by GAMI. Training and safety tool box is implemented on a regular basis and meticulous records of each training session are maintained. This enables the creation of a highly safe environment and minimizes the risk of personal injury and property damage.

With an established system to train employees at each level, GAMI ensures that every employee displays the desired level of EHS performance based on their profile. GAMI ensures the superior quality of its products by ensuring a healthy quality of life for its employees.