Residential & Commercial Ducted Split Unit

In order to serve the needs of the residential as well as commercial type buildings, GAMI offers standard ducted split units of the smaller range 1.5 ton to 6 ton with R410a and R22 for the residential purposes and a larger range of 3.5 ton to 50 ton with R407c and R22 for the commercial purposes. Some of the key features are our ducted split units are as under.
*Single or Double skin casing for the indoor unit can have either Belt or Direct driven evaporator fan based on ESP         requirement Units are available in 50Hz & 60Hz.
*Unit is designed and fabricated for low noise & low vibration Side.
*Discharge type condensing units available for residential application.
*Units operate continuously up to 52 C ambient temperature.
*Easily accessible components for service and maintenance.
*Easy Monitoring with use of PLC.

High-Efficiency Ducted Split Unit

*Same characteristics as standard units but with higher EER
*Meets standards of SASO ESTIDAMA ,ESMA , etc

Ducted Split Units “GCUN + GDS Series”

*50 Hz:
• Range from 3.5 ton to 50 ton with R22 and R407C,• Range from 3.5 ton to 45 ton with R410A (EON Series)
• Units meets º UAE – ESMA (R22, R407C, R410A),º Kuwait – MEW (R22),
*60 Hz:
• Range from 3.5 ton to 50 ton with R410A
• Units operating up to 52°C ambient temperature
• Low noise and low vibration
• Cone-up condenser fan for better air circulation
• Single or double skin indoor structure
• Copeland Scroll compressor
• Optional Items:
º PLC Controller
º Condenser Coil Guard
º Thermostat
º Electrical Heater
º Condenser Coil with Bluefins, Copper fins and Heresite coated fins

Residential Ducted Split Units “RCUN + RDS Series”

• Range from 1.5 ton to 6 ton
• Low height indoor unit – max. height is 400 mm only
• Refrigerant R407C and R410A (Top discharge units)
• Refrigerant R410A (Side discharge units)
• Meet the EER regulations of GCC region i.e. ESMA /SASO / MEW
• Indoor unit with bluefin for superior performance
• Piping distance up to 65 meters
• TXV for precise control for whole range • Available in 50Hz and 60Hz