Magdy Mekky

Chief Executive Officer


I am extremely proud to say that over a short period of time, with our team’s dedication and commitment, GAMI has become an award-winning company and has paved the way to become one of the leading local manufacturers in the region.

As a company, we continue to deliver innovative and high standard quality products. This has been part of GAMI’s philosophy from the very start, inherited from its Technical Collaboration with Hitachi since 2006.

But today, we must get ready for tomorrow!

We need to enhance our competitiveness in sustainable ways. This is possible through value creation for all stakeholders – the community, customers, business partners and employees.

We promote our Mission & Vision and draw on our Core Values, to guide and empower GAMI capabilities, endow organisational strengths and technologies to achieve our prime objective of serving customers and helping them achieve their goals.

GAMI will continue to focus on further improving our capabilities as a manufacturer of HVAC products, coupled with developing products that are environmentally-friendly to secure long-term sustainability for future generations.

We also aim to expand our reach and product offering in our target growth areas, not limited to the Middle East Region and Africa. Furthermore, we will continue to cater to the industrial sectors with focus on the demands of the Oil & Gas industry.

With our agility, GAMI is more than ready to address our customer’s unmet needs by offering breakthrough solutions that will elevate their business to the next level.

Moving ahead, with our stakeholder’s continuous support and patronage, I am sure that together we will deliver and we will achieve our goals.