Magdy Mekky photo_Nov.15

Magdy Mekky

Chief Executive Officer


Designing, developing, and manufacturing quality and energy-efficient products at competitive prices is always challenging. While necessary, innovation also sometimes poses a challenge, particularly in an industry such as HVAC, where demands on performance and energy efficiency are on the same scale.

We, at GAMI, believe that success comes from rising to and overcoming these challenges, and aspiring to achieve our ultimate goal: customer satisfaction. Understanding consumer requirements, adapting the manufacturing process to meet these requirements, and continually investing in research and development to produce environmentally-friendly products has brought us to a worthy position in the HVAC industry in Gulf countries.

To assure adherence to consistent quality processes, we have developed three different testing laboratories for chillers, unitary and airside products. Health and safety has and always will be strictly taken care of at GAMI. GAMI is a local company that complies with international standards of health and safety. From its inception, GAMI has held an impeccable health and safety record.

We are acting now for a better tomorrow. Together, we have defined a mission, vision and objective for GAMI, and we will reshape and develop our guiding principles and market strategy by focusing on what is important for our future: our employees and our customers.

We look forward to continuously innovating and executing, and keeping you updated on our progress.